Commercial Design & Maintenance

Hello and welcome to the section on our blog which documents the commercial design and maintenance service which we provide. Our most recent project is a large 8 storey office building in central London where we have designed and installed planting on two large terraced areas and we have also installed indoor planting on 8 floors. We provide weekly maintenance for the outdoor terraces and the indoor planting. On this blog you will see photos of the terraces and indoor planting throughout the seasons.

Hope you enjoy our blog!

Tulip Landscapes


Potted plant on terrace with Spring Planting of Muscari, Hyacinths, Convallaria and Ferns
Tulips on a bright Spring day
Hyacinth and Euonymous
Hydrangeas and  Mind your own business


Anemones and
Beautiful Anemones, Auricula and Convallaria awaiting to be planted on the terraces


Grasses, Buxus and an amazing view of London
Grasses, Buxus, Hellebores and an amazing view of London
Hellebore, Buxus and Muscari form a fresh Spring planting scheme in a shady part of the balcony


Buxus, Libertia,
Tulips about to flower, Buxus, grasses and Auricula create a pretty Spring scene on the terraces


Succulents decorate the refectory table.


Indoor planting - Asplenium, Cordyline and and Orchid
Indoor planting – Asplenium, Cordyline and and Orchid
Indoor planting – Ferns and an Orchid


We provide this service in W1,EC3, EC1,W11, W8, W10,SW1, SW3 and NW6. Please contact us on 02084593368 or if you are interested in our services.

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